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Rutherford Houses
- Brightwater
- Foxhill
- Havelock
- Pungarehu
- Christchurch
- Cambridge I
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To be added to as I get time.

Rutherford Houses

Foxhill House (1877-1883)     Location map.

  The Foxhill house was over the road from the old Foxhill School, now the Foxhill Memorial Hall. It had 12 rooms and a large orchard as it was built to be a stop for the Nelson to West Coast stagecoach. James' little farm ran down to the Wai iti river and gave the children a great place to grow up. The older children had chores, such as gardening, fetching firewood, and miking the cows. (The cow's tale saga occurred there.)

  About 1969 the wife of the then new owner, Joe Brooks, wanted a modern house because the old one, though physically solid, had no modern facilities and poor wiring etc.

  Joe employed local man Cyril Higgins to demolish it. I spoke to Cyril in 1981. The house proved too solid for Cyril's little 8-ton bulldozer, so demolition was completed by burning.

  The little roadside Rutherford memorial is outside the Rutherford Memorial Hall.

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